Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What types of orthopedic devices can be used for limb lengthening?

We use various orthopedic devices at the International Center for Limb Lengthening in Iran to lengthen bones. We choose the most incredible device based on each person’s unique situation.

What could avoid me from achieving my lengthening aim?

If patients do not attend physiotherapy or household exercises, their muscle strength and their motion range may be affected, and the doctor may stop their lengthening. Muscle contractures can lead to the tightening of the joints or even dislocation of the joints. The doctor may temporarily stop the lengthening process to improve performance or permanently.
Remember that a big goal in limb lengthening may require more than one lengthening surgery. For example, instead of increasing 4 inches, it may be easier to perform a 2-inch lengthening and add another 2 inches a few years later. Some patients may need additional surgery before or after lengthening to correct other previous orthopedic problems.

Do lengthened arms and legs function well after treatment?

Adults and children can usually have a regular and active life after lengthening and limb lengthening surgery.
Most of our patients have achieved increased performance (better walking/gait), improved muscle strength, and maintained range of motion (flexibility). Much of the success depends on experienced surgeons, support staff, and physiotherapists working with motivated patients through every stage of the process.
Patients may need to attend physiotherapy sessions several times weekly to maintain their range of motion (flexibility) and increase muscle strength. Our physiotherapists have years of experience and have developed exercises and other unique therapies to help maximize your chances of success.

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