Limb lengthening surgery in Iran

Short stature is a big problem for many people and can lead to mental health problems International Limb lengthening center of IRAN is the only limb-lengthening surgery center in the Middle East.

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Unit2, First floor, No73, North Sheikh Bahaei St, Tehran, Iran

Dr. Nader Motallebizadeh

International Limb lengthening center of IRAN

The International Limb lengthening center of IRAN (LLCIG), is a global leader in limb lengthening and deformity correction, providing comprehensive orthopedic treatment to children and adults from more than 20 countries. Meet our team »

Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods

The International Limb lengthening center of IRAN uses the latest methods to increase your height. These methods vary according to each person’s circumstances.

1. MTN Method

This method is performed exclusively in Iran by the Iran International limb lengthening Center. Less scarring and less pain are the hallmarks of this procedure. Read more »

2. LON Method

In this method, in the first surgery, first, an osteotomy (controlled and delicate incision on the leg) is performed. The inner Nail is then inserted into the canal of the tibia or femur. Read more »

3. LATN Method

In this method, only the external fixator is placed after the osteotomy (controlled and delicate incision on the leg). Read more »

Limb Lengthening by MTN

Our patients say it best


I decided to increase my height by 6 cm using the MTN method. I had a little pain after the surgery. The pain was completely manageable and tolerable. I was a little scared before the operation. But everything went well.


I came from Iraq to the Limb lengthening center of Iran. According to the circumstances, Dr. Nader Motallebizadeh used the cross method to increase my height 12cm. I am happy with the result.


Hello. I always wanted to be taller. Through study, I realized that this is possible with limb lengthening surgery. At the doctor’s suggestion, I used the MTN method. I was in a bit of pain. I was able to walk two days after the surgery.

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