Growth Plates What You Need to Know

Why are growth plates necessary, and what are they? I have the following information for you.

What are Growth Plates?

Children’s growth plates are cartilage zones at the ends of our long bones (the femur and tibia, for example). These bones develop thanks to the growth plate’s contribution of new bone. These areas of the bone are prone to damage during a child’s development because they are fragile. This area of the bone can occasionally be weaker than the nearby tendons and ligaments. As a result, the growth plate may be the site of up to 30% of juvenile fractures.

Growth Plates What You Need to Know
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What Does a Growth Plate Do?

One method by that bones grow is through growth plates. Each long bone typically has two of them. They increase the bone’s length and breadth.

The growth plates become solid bones. A closed growth plate has entirely solidified into bone. The bones stop growing when a growth plate closes.

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When Do Growth Plates Close in People?

Because various bones finish growing at different periods, it is challenging to forecast precisely when each growth plate will close. The growth plates in the long bones are supposed to close at a certain point on average.

Most kids continue to grow for an average of two years after their pubertal growth surge is over. The age at which puberty begins varies widely based on various variables, such as ethnicity, gender, and body habit. Boys and girls often cease growing at 15 and 17 for both genders.

Of course, many kids continue to grow taller until their late teens, but most growth has already occurred by this point.

Your child’s height and weight have probably been tracked by your juvenile using growth charts. These charts can be used to estimate remaining growth.

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Additionally, Orthopedic surgeons use several X-ray indicators from the hand or pelvis to more accurately predict how much growth a child still has. The growth plates are typically closed as a youngster reaches the final stages of puberty, according to a good rule of thumb.

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