Average height in Germany in 2023

In this article, we look at the Average height in Germany in 2023. 

Germany, also known as the Federal Republic of Germany, sits in the heart of Europe’s western side. It’s the second most populated country in Europe, right after Russia, and holds the highest population among the European Union member states.

Average height in Germany

Geographically, it’s surrounded by the Baltic and North Seas to the north and the Alps to the south. Germany comprises 16 states, bordered by Denmark to the north, Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, and Austria and Switzerland to the south.

To the west, it neighbors France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Berlin serves as its capital and largest city, while Frankfurt stands out as the primary financial hub, and the Ruhr region marks the most extensive urban area.

Population Overview

Germany, boasting a population of 83.7 million in 2022, holds the top position as the most populous nation in the European Union. It stands as the second-most populous country in Europe after Russia and ranks nineteenth in the global population chart. The population density rests at 227 individuals per square kilometer. However, the fertility rate, at 1.57 children per woman, remains below the replacement rate of 2.1, marking one of the world’s lowest fertility rates.

Demographics and Minorities

Germany hosts several distinct minority groups with deep ancestral ties to their respective regions. These include the Danish minority in Schleswig-Holstein, the Sorbs in Saxony and Brandenburg, the Roma, Sinti, and the Frisians, concentrated in specific areas across the country.

Immigration and Diversity

Germany stands as the second most favored immigration destination globally after the United States. The majority of migrants reside in western urban areas. As of 2016, 18.6 million residents, approximately 22.5% of the population, were either immigrants or of partially immigrant descent. After the 2015 refugee crisis, Germany became home to the second-highest number of international migrants globally, hosting around 5% or 12 million of a total of 244 million migrants.

In 2019, Germany ranked seventh among EU countries in terms of the percentage of migrants in its population, accounting for 13.1%. Recent crises, notably the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, led to a substantial increase in population due to the arrival of over 1.06 million Ukrainian refugees by April 2023.

Average Height in Germany (2023)

Men’s Average Height:
In Germany, the average height for men sits at around 180.28 centimeters (approximately 5 feet 11 inches), surpassing the global average for men by nearly 6 centimeters.

Women’s Average Height:
Women in Germany have an average height of approximately 166.18 centimeters (around 5 feet 5 inches), which exceeds the global average for women by about 6 centimeters as well.

Average Height in Germany Compared to Other Nations

Germany Surpasses the Average Height of:
Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Austria, Romania, United States, Iran, Egypt, Italy, Iraq, Qatar, Japan, Oman, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uganda, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Indonesia, Yemen, and Nepal.

However, Germany’s Average Height Falls Below:
Netherlands, Iceland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Finland (listed twice), Norway, and Sweden.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Average height in Germany

What is the average height in Germany for Males?

Recent data reveals that the average height of adult males in Germany is approximately 5 feet 11 inches (180.28 centimeters). The German male population is above the global average height of 5 feet 8 inches (173.74 cm).

What is the average height in Germany for Females?

Recent data indicates that the average height of adult females in Germany is approximately 5 feet 5 inches (166.18 cm). This places German women above the global average height of 5 feet 3 inches (160.02 cm).

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