Bone Deformity

What is a bone deformity?

A bone deformity is a variation or distortion from the normal shape or size of the bone. It may also be improperly positioned, resulting in poor alignment. Bones can distort for numerous reasons. They consist of:

  • congenital (from birth)
  • developmental (from aberrant childhood growth), and
  • post-traumatic (from healing in a distorted position after a fracture) (from healing in a deformed position after a fracture).
Bone Deformity

Four types of bone deformities are possible:

angulation (a bone bend), rotation or torsion (a bone twist), translation or displacement (a movement in the location of a bone following a fracture or osteotomy), or limb length disparity.

Even while each type of bone deformity can occur on its own, it is extremely frequent to observe combinations of two or more of these deformity components.

How is bone deformity treated?

The surgical procedures developed and utilized at the International Center for Limb Lengthening in Iran permit the simultaneous treatment of many abnormalities. The most frequent combination is angulation correction with lengthening. Orthopedic surgeons treat bone abnormalities most frequently with corrective osteotomy. Internal or external fixing is required to stabilize a fractured bone after corrective osteotomy.

Correction of deformities is a complicated procedure. Iran’s most experienced center for deformity treatment and limb lengthening is the International limb lengthening center of Iran. Our patients have traveled from more than 20 countries and receive complete orthopedic care from our internationally acclaimed team.

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