Favorable conditions for limb lengthening surgery

The complex and invasive procedure of limb lengthening involves breaking and progressively elongating the bones. It is typically reserved for patients with a significant limb length disparity or a medical condition that affects bone maturation. The following conditions may qualify an individual for limb-lengthening surgery:

11 Favorable conditions for limb lengthening surgery

  1. Significant limb length disparity: Limb lengthening surgery is frequently used to correct a significant limb length disparity. This difference typically measures at least 2 to 3 centimeters and may result from a congenital condition, an injury, or a disease.
  2. excellent overall health: Because limb lengthening surgery is a major operation, the patient must have excellent overall health. This indicates that they should not have any preexisting conditions that could increase the risk of complications.
  3. Typical candidates for limb lengthening surgery are infants and adolescents whose bones are still growing. This enables the bones to lengthen naturally, which can lead to improved outcomes.
  4. Commitment: Limb lengthening surgery is a lengthy and complex procedure that necessitates a high degree of dedication from the patient and their family. Patients must be willing to endure a lengthy rehabilitation process, which can last several months to a year and must be able to adhere to their medical team’s strict instructions.
  5. Another important thing is overweight. A person who is overweight is not a suitable person for height increase surgery. Therefore, a suitable weight ratio is one of the conditions required for height increase surgery.
  6. The next factor is age over 40 years. We do not recommend limb lengthening surgery for people over 40 years old Unless it is really necessary for them to perform it. Because with age, the bone-building ability of a person naturally decreases and this problem increases the recovery time of limb lengthening.
  7. The next factor is smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Limb lengthening surgery is not recommended for those who smoke or drink alcohol.
  8. The next factor is sleep pattern. People who do not sleep at night for any reason are not suitable for height increase surgery. Even our recommendation is that they should sleep from 10:30 pm. In this way, the ossification process will be much better.
  9. Another factor is special diets. For example, people who are vegetarians should never undergo limb-lengthening surgery. We have had cases in the International limb lengthening center of Iran where bone building was not done at all in these people because they only consumed vegetables and fruits. In addition to these people, those who are raw eaters, or who do not like certain foods, are not suitable people for height increase surgery.
  10. Also, the patient should always do stretching exercises and always cooperate with regular physical therapy, otherwise, the proper result will not be achieved.
  11. People who are under a lot of stress are also not suitable for limb-lengthening surgery. Because stress is one of the factors that prevent bone formation.

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